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About Dana

Dana Hasson is an entrepreneur, content creator, and self-taught baker based in the heart of New York City. As an influential tastemaker and brand builder, Dana has fostered a community united by a shared passion for desserts and the pursuit of everyday glamour.

Her baking obsession traces back to her teenage years when she and her family moved from Israel to the US. Despite the whirlwind of adjusting to a new country, Dana quickly became fluent in English and eventually pursued a fashion merchandising degree at Johnson & Wales University. In between classes, she found herself drawn to the world of social media, where she shared her beauty routines and outfits on Instagram. Her eye for design and aesthetics landed her internships at iconic fashion houses like Alice + Olivia and Jimmy Choo, where she soaked up invaluable branding insights.

Then came TikTok: In July 2019, Dana took the plunge and launched her account, @danahassonn, which skyrocketed to over a million followers within a year. Today, she is an established force in the digital sphere, with a combined audience of over 3 million across Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, features in Good Morning America, Glossy, Refinery29, and the New York Post, and partnerships with Lexus, Sony Electronics, Estee Lauder.

Birthday Cake (Yellow Cake) with a slice taken out

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